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Where crisis meets relationship. 



What if when someone found themselves in their darkest moment when they are feeling lost, scared, broken and worthless…instead of going to a scary shelter they actually came to the nicest, coolest, most fun, spectacular building in Fresno? What if there was way more than a bed and meal waiting for them? 


The City of Fresno is 17.48 miles from east to west and 16.44 miles from north to south. Where those two distances intersect is where we are designing our answer at a place that will be known as the City Center. City Center is a 9-acre campus that will include over 160,000 square feet of buildings that will serve as a one-stop to provide people with a pathway out of crisis through a single front door. 


City Center will not however be home to just the Fresno Mission, but will instead be a shared campus bringing together more than twenty different organizations or ministries all focused on meeting people’s emergency needs, providing a pathway out of crisis, and most importantly, operating under a relationship-driven model. We’re excited to be starting this new journey and we hope you will join us.

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